ALL-IN-ONE DENTRI is the probably the best dental radiology system in the world. It can perform:

3D computed tomography (accurate anatomically 3D structure – easy diagnose determination for Your dentist and safe implantation for You.

Stunning 3D imaging: superb clarity, great contrast, and excellent resolution.
Automatic image construction function: dentist can easily use widest FOV (Field of View) Groundbreaking decrease in metal constructions influence on image quality: exceptional (MAR) imaging algorithm removes flaws in the image caused by metal parts of implants. Ultra-fast scanning mode – captures an image in just 8 seconds, which means lower exposure, lower probability of error while still ensuring high-quality imaging. Specially developed for children and people with disabilities.

Cephalometric images (Best image quality for a dentist and lowest exposure for the patient)

Instant (one-time) cephalometric image: minimized exposure, best imaging quality.

Panoramic radiography (Clear structure of teeth, lowest probability of flaws or distortion)

Automatic focusing: Automatically corrects patient moving caused distortions.
Frankfurt beam: patient stays in correct position while capturing the image.

Software – Image reconstruction time is significantly lower due to latest graphics processors’ advance. For dental radiographs, we use new generation multifunctional, high frequency, dental BELMONT X-Ray machine PHOT-X II. Exceptionally valued for

  • Superb quality imaging
  • High-frequency technology
  • Lowered exposure and optimal radiation levels
  • Easy controls
  • Compact and easy-use X-Ray tube
  • Works perfectly with digital radiography systems
  • Modern and attractive design
  • Very popular in many other countries

Our patients are provided with modern and effective technology. Dental PHOT-X II X-Ray machine is one of the most modern solutions.