Mouth hygiene and teeth whitening

Elimination of supragingival, subgingival, mineralized and non-mineralized dental plaque, dental calculus removal. Surface polishing of teeth, fillings and prostheses. Evaluation of personal oral hygiene habits, application of various therapeutic agents (e.g. GC MI Paste plus).

What are the benefits of Professional Oral Hygiene (POH)?


Professional oral hygiene prevents dental caries, mucosal and periodontal diseases (e.g. gingivitis, periodontitis), early tooth loss. All of this can be avoided if Professional Oral Hygiene is performed regularly. Main etiological factor for periodontal diseases is soft and mineralized plaque buildup. Dental plaque accumulates above gums, subgingivally, in the occlusional grooves, surface defects, under faulty filling edges, sides or prostheses.

It was found that, without regular teeth brushing or with no brushing at all, gum inflammation (gingivitis) occurs in a period of 10 – 20 days. If Professional Oral Hygiene procedure is performed, symptoms of gingivitis disappear in 1 – 8 days. If soft plaque remains on teeth for a period of 1 – 14 days, it becomes mineralized. Calcium and phosphate salts influence mineralization process by entering plaque structure from saliva and hardening plaque or even forming calculus.

Teeth whitening

Everybody craves for a healthy and stunningly white smile. However, having white teeth of yourself is a rare occasion for different reasons. Happily, tooth whitening is a fast, safe and reliable way to get rid of stained, yellowed teeth and make your teeth shiny and white again.

Tooth whitening was first performed 120 years ago. Best efforts were put to improve quality of the procedure. Today we have a safe and reliable procedure, which grants you the best result possible.

Teeth whitening is the first class way to retrieve blindingly white smile. 

Why do teeth change colour and why is it necessary to whiten teeth?

Poorly removed plaque, smoking, coloured sodas are the main reasons for a change of teeth colour during a period of time. If the colour has changed noticeably, teeth whitening is indicated. This procedure is as well indicated for patients, who have congenital teeth staining.

Why clinical teeth whitening?

There is no secret, that considerable amount of people like to experiment and try to whiten their teeth at home using non-professional materials. However, it is not the best option, because teeth whitening at home is not as effective nor can it guarantee the result which could be achieved in a dental clinic. Part of people is even more creative – they use homemade teeth whitening materials. It is an exceptionally poor decision because the possibility of damaging teeth enamel, deterioration of teeth condition and inducing of unpleasant teeth sensitivity is high. Hence best option is to receive teeth whitening procedure in the dental clinic. That will guarantee best result and safety.

What methods of teeth whitening do we offer?

For the convenience of our patients, we offer three different teeth whitening methods.  Each of them has its own advantages and will make your smile white and shiny again

Teeth whitening using mouthpieces

A good option for those, who want to perform the procedure at home, but not without a professional care. Mouthpieces are made individually and professionally for each patient. He then needs to fill the mouthpiece with whitening paste and attach it to the teeth for 2-3 hours daily. Usually, the process takes up approximately 2 weeks, but it can vary depending on personal teeth colour and the result a person wants to achieve.

Clinical teeth whitening an

During clinical teeth whitening gums are isolated with light blocking material and teeth are covered in strong performance whitening agent. The material is removed and a new layer put every 10 minutes. The whole procedure usually takes up to an hour.

Clinical teeth whitening using ZOOM system

Gums and mucous membrane are isolated using very versatile ZOOM whitening agent. It is activated with a special ZOOM light system. The teeth whitening itself is 1 hour long, but the whole procedure takes a couple of hours.

There is a method to whiten your teeth for everyone – our specialists will help you to make a decision and find the one that suits your personal teeth condition best.

Getting ready. Addition information

It is necessary to perform a Professional Oral Hygiene procedure before starting with teeth whitening. Personal Oral Hygiene procedure provides a current status of teeth and helps in deciding which teeth whitening method is the most suitable for You. On the day of the procedure, the only requirement is to brush Your teeth thoroughly. Teeth sensitivity can be elevated for few following days. It is advised to avoid coloured drinks and products (red vine, coffee etc.)

Our clinic does not provide laser teeth whitening procedure.

92 per cent of respondents in the USA saw benefits in teeth whitening. Try it Yourself!