Prosthetic treatment is one of the ways to restore damaged or missing teeth. Prostheses are of two kinds – removable or fixed. One of the most popular options for fixed prosthetics – dental crowns. They do not only restore teeth but also strengthens them. Good option for restoration of teeth wear, chipped teeth or teeth damaged by caries.

Why should dental crowns be considered as a solution?

  • They look really natural and real
  • The function of the teeth is restored
  • Long functioning time
  • Easy care

Important facts about dental crowns

A dental crown can only be placed on a healthy and strong root of the tooth; otherwise (or if the root is not present) dental implant is necessary. Patient has two options – Zirconia or metal ceramics crowns. Zirconia will ensure high-quality aesthetics and will also prevent electric-galvanic connection between metals and the human body.

However, dental crowns require preparation of the tooth, which could vary from almost none to significant loss of healthy tooth tissue. Also when preparing for bridge prostheses, healthy teeth on both sides of defect have to be prepared for covering with dental crowns, which also means that there will be some level of healthy tooth tissue loss.

How does the procedure go?

During the consultation, x-ray pictures are taken, the condition of tooth or root is evaluated and suitability for a dental crown is determined. Then therapeutic and endodontic (root canal) treatment is provided if necessary. When teeth are ready for prosthetic treatment, dental impressions are taken – they will be used for the production of dental crowns or other kinds of fixed or removable prostheses.  Lastly, when the prosthesis is ready, it is checked for any kind of flaws and then given to the patient.

How much does the prosthetic treatment cost?

Price of the service always plays an important role when choosing the treatment plan. It is important for every patient. However, the price is very different and depends on individual case. Preliminary prices are available at our site’s pricing list, whilst more accurate prices will be available during the consultation.

How to prepare for the procedure?

Prosthetic treatment does not require any special preparation. Firstly, the patient has to make an appointment for a consultation, then the status of oral health will be determined and the dentist will offer a treatment plan.