Dental implantation

People lose teeth for different reasons (diseases, traumas, insufficient oral health care etc.). Good news is that missing teeth can be restored safely and reliably. Most importantly the quality and natural aesthetics are guaranteed.

Primitive people tried to replace their teeth with seashells and pebbles… Nowadays dental implantation is a modern, safe and quality guaranteeing way to restore teeth row defects.

What are dental implants and when is it indicated to choose dental implantation?

A dental implant is a tiny titanium alloy screw, which replaces natural tooth root. When it fully integrates and heals, abutment and prosthetic parts are attached. It is a very reliable option when one, few or even all of the teeth have to be restored. In comparison with removable dentures, dental implants have lots of advantages: they require less care, there is no fear of denture falling off, furthermore, mucous membrane of the oral cavity is not damaged, hence small lesions and scratches that can cause discomfort or even pain for the patient are avoided. Nowadays, there are hundreds of manufacturers in the market and all of them offer excellent and high-quality solutions for restoration of Your smile.

Tooth restored with a dental implant will have matching size, shape and colour to own tooth!

What makes titanium special and why is it used for manufacturing of dental implants?

The most important property of titanium alloys is its biocompatibility. It is compatible with the human body and that leads to very high integration rates – 98 out of 100 cases are a success. Titanium alloy implants are robust, stable and resistant to metal corrosion.

There are lots of different reasons to choose dental implantation:

  • Teeth are restored and the final result is exceptionally aesthetic
  • Prostheses on implants look particularly natural, that makes them difficult to tell apart from own teeth
  • Most of the dental implants come with lifetime guarantee
  • The masticatory and phonetic function is totally restored
  • The patient can enjoy quality life – smile wide, communicate without insecurity, enjoy food, live active social life
  • Patients forget about insecurities related to loss of teeth
  • Healthy teeth are preserved
  • Flawless gum condition is guaranteed
  • Patient’s physical health improves, resorption of alveolar bone discontinues

Nowadays, lots of dental implantation solutions are applied. Our clinic specialists will evaluate Your individual situation and will offer the best solution.

How long is the dental implantation procedure?

Depending on chosen treatment methods, it can take a couple of visits to perform dental implantation procedure. First visit – always a consultation, evaluation of the clinical condition, the composition of the personal treatment plan, second – implantation procedure. Implantation of one tooth can take approximately half an hour. After procedure patient is sent home until the implant fully heals and integrates into bone tissue. After healing another appointment is made to attaché prosthetic part.

What are the expenses for dental implantation procedure?

Obviously for most of the patients’ price of a procedure is a very important variable. It is important to stress the individuality of the case because price really depends on the manufacturer of a dental implant, type of dental implant, material from which the implant was made, number of additional procedures performed (bone grafting, sinus lifting), number of restored teeth. All the prices are available on our website in the “Pricing” column. During the consultation, more exact pricing information will be provided.

We are the best option for You if You are looking for a professional solution

The outcome of the procedure depends not only on the organism of the patient but also on the professional level of surgeon providing treatment. Even though according to the current order of law every dentist can perform dental implantation procedures, we think that only professional of the particular field can guarantee top quality services and excellent outcome. That is why at our clinic the doctor of oral surgery and periodontology provides implantation procedures. He has an incomparable amount of experience, constantly participates in practical and theoretical training and most importantly, he specializes in dental implantology.

Our clinic is the best choice if you are looking for:

  • Appropriate implantation solutions for Your individual case
  • Professionalism and highest quality services
  • Long-lasting results
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  • Honestly who