In order to restore lost tissues of the tooth and its aesthetic view, aesthetic filling is one of the most convenient options.

Teeth filling is restoration of lost tooth tissue with filling material. Tooth tissue can be lost due to different reasons – caries, chipping, etc. In comparison with prosthetic treatment aesthetic treatment requires to remove less healthy tooth tissue, which is one of the main advantages of it. Even when a tooth hard tissue lesion is minor, tooth filling is indicated. Infection can spread through already existing lesion, expand it and lead to loss of the tooth.

In what cases tooth filling is the best option for a patient?

  • To restore chipped, worn-out or in any way damaged hard tissues of tooth
  • To change size, shape or color of tooth
  • To restore surfaces damaged by caries
  • To remove unwanted gaps between the teeth

How does the procedure go?

Firstly consultation is provided and diagnosis is determined. If necessary local anesthesia is applied. Infected tooth tissue is removed and place for filling is prepared. Filling material is then layered in the prepared area; tooth filling is hardened and polished.

How long is the procedure? Is it painful?

Usually procedure does not take more than 30 – 40 minutes, but it depends on size of lesion. If patient wishes, local anesthesia is applied; in this case patient will not feel any discomfort. This procedure does not require any prior preparation.

How much does the tooth filling cost?

Size and material of the filling are the main factors to determine the price. In some cases endodontic treatment is required prior to tooth filling procedure. Prices for procedures are provided in pricing list. More accurate individual pricing will be available after first consultation.

What is the care regime after tooth filling procedure?

It is recommended to avoid eating, smoking and drinking colored drinks for at least 3 hours after the procedure. Still, plaque tends to accumulate faster on the filling surface than on natural tooth surface. Hence, thorough oral care and regular Professional Oral Hygiene procedures are necessary to maintain great appearance of filling for long period of time. Professional Oral Hygiene procedure removes hardened plaque buildup off the filling surface and tooth will look clean and natural again.

Lost a small part of tooth tissue? Maybe color of the Your teeth is not satisfying You? Unwanted gaps between teeth? These problems can be solved with dental filling.